Designed with special care and attention to details, our Swim Shorts, be them Bespoke, Signature or Classic models, combine comfort, perfect fit, and the perfection of classic tailoring. Made in high-tech, fast-drying, noble fabrics with exclusive side buttons for adjustment, the pieces have exclusive prints and offer the perfect mixture of elegance and functionality. Try them!

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Estampa Exclusiva - Caxemira Sardegna Sartoria

The ancient Persians called it boteh, which means “bush” or “small tree”. In Azerbaijan and India, they call it buta. In Iran and the countries of Central and South Asia, it is still an extremely popular motif, designed in fine silks and wools with silver and gold thread for weddings and other celebrations.

It is believed that the original droplet-like motif was a depiction of flowers with a cypress – a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity. The seed-like shape is also said to represent fertility, has connections with Hinduism, and an intriguing resemblance with the famous yin-yang symbol.

Our reinterpretation of this historic and timeless print builds and reconstructs its patterns bringing the droplets, flowers and other small elements – that personalize and make this print exclusive, playing with non-obvious colors and working in an unique manner -, not just to rescue its magnificent history, but also to celebrate and revere handicraft and artisans, repositioning them in a cosmopolitan and global way.

We use our brand’s bird scissors, inspired in the stork model, a bird that becomes a pair of scissors and cuts our fabrics to perfection to create unique and exclusive pieces. It is nature interacting with tailoring.


Estampa Exclusiva - Monograma Sardegna Sartoria

The first encountered record of a monogram was minted in Greek coins dated from 350BC. The word comes from Greek and means “a letter”, although normally, at least nowadays, it usually represents two or more intertwined characters, which represent the emblem or brand of an institution. Who doesn’t instantly recognize the monogram of Louis Vuitton, New York Yankees, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and Rolls-Royce, for example?

Our Monogram print brings the letter “S” repeated numerous times to form waves that give the sensation of movement, make a connection between the several “Ss” of Sardegna and bring a version of a striped print with movement, which is very representative of our creative process.

Simple, yet emotional, monograms convey the entire narrative of a brand by means of a few simple strokes. They give great focus to the name of the company that they represent, forming a strong bond with the brand without mincing words. Above all, they are a symbol of luxury, professionalism and class.


Estampa Exclusiva - Isola Sardegna Sartoria

This print’s concept arose from the desire to connect the island of Sardinia to several islands around the world. We join them by our lines in an imaginary embrace. We used several elements around the islands that simulate magnetic waves that connect them through the same energy and the same vibration. The idea was born to pay homage to Sardinia and we could not fail to pay homage to the other islands of this planet; for this reason we ended up linking them all.

Situated west of the Italian peninsula, south of Corsica and the Tyrrhenian Sea that bathes the eastern coast and the Sardinian Sea on the western coast, Sardinia is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean. The statute of special autonomy, similar to that of Veneto, instituted in 1948, is enshrined in the Italian constitution and ensures in addition to administrative autonomy of local institution, the protection of linguistic and cultural particularities. It is a spectacle for all senses.


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