Sardegna Sartoria is in constant search for the best materials in the world. And our Linen Shirt is no exception to this standard of excellence. Made in Brazil and made to order with pure Belgian Linen, our 100% Belgian Linen shirt features a slim fit cut that combines tailoring technique with manual details such as the rounded cuff, durable Japanese buckram, and Australian mother-of-pearl buttons sewn one-by-one.

Linen Shirt Sardegna

This combination of contemporary craftsmanship with traditional design and the perfect fit due to our tailor’s surgical look make our Linen Shirt a best-seller that is the base of the contemporary man’s wardrobe.

The extreme technique and unique sensibility to understand and develop the ideal silhouette result in the union between sophistication and quality of our fabric artisans.    

Learn more, below, about each component that makes our Linen Shirt unique:   


Linen Shirt

Belgian Linen is the champagne of linen: of all types of linen – one of our favorite and most timeless materials –, the Belgian is one step above. But what makes Belgian linen so highly valued (A)? And with such a wide range on the market, how do you know if what you’re buying is authentically Belgian (B)?   

A: The humid, temperate climate and the excellent quality of the soil provide one of the best qualities of linen in the world in this region of Western Europe, situated between Caen and Amsterdam, Belgium being right in the middle of these noble fiber production hubs.   

B: The Belgian Flax & Linen Association is the independent organization responsible for the authentication of fabrics such as Belgian Linen™. By means of this association, weavers can register to obtain certification for their fabrics. As soon as the Belgian Linen & Flax Association approves the certification, each lot of fabric receives an exclusive identification.

Through this ID, the buyers of the fabric and products based on it can always trace the origins of the product.    

Linho Sardegna

In time: Did you know that linen is the most ancient vegetable fabric in human history and among the most ecological fabrics that exist?         

The fabric is made from the stalks of the flax plant and was very important before the utilization of cotton and other fibers. The fiber was discovered before 36.000 BC, according to historical records recently discovered. 

The fabric had its use confirmed even in the construction of pre-historic housing. And now it marks its comeback, symbolizing a return to natural and spirituality.       

The production of flax requires few chemical products and there is almost no waste of material during the production of threads since what is not used can be utilized in other industries such as paper and cosmetics, and its cultivation itself is renewable, not leaving the land where it is planted unusable.  


Madrepérola Sardegna

Mother-of-pearl gives the products a touch of lightness and sophistication. It is taken from nature and processed by hand, respecting the environment and traditions of the communities where it is found, which has in the extraction of the shell one of the biggest sources of income for its people.    

The extraction of shells is an art. The divers practice apnea and use only the air of their lungs, a diving mask, respirator and fins to reach the depths of the ocean and choose the shells with the most beautiful mother-of-pearls.    

Mother-of-pearl lines the interior of several shells and is also released by certain mollusks as a reaction to a foreign body that entered their epithelial membrane. The foreign body irritates the animal, which releases this isolated secretion for calcification similar to the internal part of the shell, forming a pearl.     

In Australia, where our mother-of-pearl buttons come from, all this process is controlled by the authorities responsible for protecting the local environment. At certain times the extraction is prohibited, thus protecting the reproduction period and development of shells, which are 98% made up of carbonates and other organic materials, such as nacre.  

Camisa de Linho Sardegna

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