A Sardegna Sartoria is a global and cosmopolitan brand of classic and designer resort wear. It is a tribute to the beauty of dazzling beaches, ancient traditions, flush forests and captivating people who, by means of crafts and fashion, keep alive the past of the paradise Italian island of Sardinia. 

Sardegna Sartoria - Tricot

Influenced by the philosophy of classic fashion, Sardegna Sartoria delivers elegant, contemporary design that never goes out of style. The brand dedicates meticulous attention to everything that is produced with the tailor-made concept such as pieces with greater durability, fabrics that value quality and timeless modeling, knowledge of sourcing, embracing social responsibility actions in all stages of its production chain. The creation privileges a wardrobe above the trends to please all ages, a fundamental step towards sustainable production.     

Experienced travelers and connoisseurs of fashion and culture from several places, founders, Bia Harley and Lucas Albuquerque, had the desire to make a difference and create a brand that valued at the same time the tradition and contemporaneity of a not obvious classic. 

“We embody the world of craftsmanship in its most noble and successful form, and we pay meticulous attention to details. We are not afraid of giving up the good to obtain the excellent, as John D. Rockefeller used to say”
, claims Bia. 

“From products to services, we cultivate our differential through this constant search for excellence. When you wear Sardegna Sartoria, you wear an idea committed to artisans and nature, without leaving aside the constant search for highly desirable products by means of innovation, quality and incomparable design
”, adds Lucas.  

Swim Shorts Sardegna Sartoria

The brand lives in constant search of the best materials in the world – think Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, durable Japanese buckram, and a select range of international, technological and sustainable fabrics. But that’s not all, given that the quality of the clothes represents only half of the equation. The perfect fit is just as important, and it originates from a surgical tailor’s look, in line with extreme technique and unique sensibility to understand and develop the ideal silhouette.     

Our collections can be found in our points of sale in Sardinia and in São Paulo, as well as our e-commerce that delivers in Brazil, the U.S. and Europe.

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